Owen James

My Projects

  • Performance

    • Doctor Thirsty

      I was auditioned and got the job as new lead singer with Doctor Thirsty in 2011. First formed in 1995, the band plays mainly weddings and parties and has a strong reputation across Yorkshire as a professional function band outfit. Typical repertoire ranges from The Beatles to Kings of Leon, the Monkees to Mark Ronson.

    • Easy Band

      I am lead singer of this band, and play a little bit of guitar. Easy Band offers a similar service to Doctor Thirsty, but without all the bells and whistles; aimed the budget-conscious who would like a band to play for an hour or so and get people dancing. Easy Band is a no-nonsense, fun, party band providing a professional service.

    • The Rozzers

      The Rozzers represents a personal ambition to set up a Police tribute act in the UK. I’m a long time Sting fan and love the songs of the Police. We recently launched with the line up being myself as Mr Sting, Phil Dean on guitar, Andrew Whitaker on drums and Alan Moore on keyboards. Follow the red link above to the band’s site.

  • Education

    • Teaching in Schools

      I currently work afternoons in 3 local schools, teaching both brass and guitar to around 80 students per week either individually or in pairs. Several children per term are entered for graded exams and I am often involved with school concerts and productions. Teaching presents many challenges, but is hugely rewarding. Harrogate has always had a lot to offer a young musician with various bands and ensembles in the area; so it is nice to now be contributing as a teacher.

  • Other Projects

    • The Big O and Traveling Wilburys Show

      In 2014 I was asked to join experienced Roy Orbison Tribute Act, Paul Hopkins, to play the part of Tom Petty. The band are regularly playing theatre shows throughout 2014. Click on the link above to go to the band’s site and view dates…

Sound Clips

  • Sweet Dreams

    EASY BAND                                                 Lead Vocals

  • The Sunrise Retreat

    FLOWERS OF HELL                     Trumpet[s]

  • Mercy

    EASY BAND                                                 Lead Vocals and Trumpet